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Council expenses data

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City Clerks Department and Accounting Operations Department

Data currency comments

The extract on this website is updated quarterly.

Data set description

The City is committed to an open and transparent government. Consistent with this commitment, Council has posted the expenses that each member has incurred while conducting business on behalf of the City, below.

Council expenses consist of two components:

  • An annual local expense budget provided to individual Council members to cover expenses incurred in the Lower Mainland while representing the City of Vancouver. Each Council member is responsible for ensuring that they do not exceed their annual budget.
  • The travel and training expenses are costs incurred by Council members attending meetings, events, and conferences outside the Lower Mainland. Council members must obtain Council approval to attend these events and the travel expenses are covered by the Travel and Training budget.

Data accuracy comments

Some expenses may not reconcile within the same reporting period.


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Dollar amounts are in Canadian dollars and before tax.

Data set details

  1. City Council Annual Budget and Expenses
    (Detailed and Summary - starting Year 2010)
  2. City Council Annual Budget and Expenses
    (Summary - Year 2002 - 2009)