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Parking tickets

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Parking and Enforcement

Data currency comments

The extract on this website is updated quarterly.

Data set description

The City of Vancouver regulates parking to balance the needs of residents, commuters, and visitors.

This data set includes parking ticket records data on a year-by-year basis beginning in 2010.

Note: Ticket issued location information was aggregated to 100-block unit level.

Data accuracy comments

There is no known error.


  • Hundred_Block: Block level of the street where the infraction occurred. For example: 1 Main Street means 100 Main Street.
  • Street: Name of the street where the infraction occurred
  • Date: Date the infraction occurred in month/day/year format
  • Bylaw: Specific parking bylaw which the parking ticket was issued under
  • Section: Specific section of the bylaw which the infraction pertains
  • Status: Status of the parking ticket
      • I = Issued
      • W = Warning
      • V = Void
      • R = Cancelled due to Paid by Phone
  • Description: Short description of the infraction

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