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Voting places

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Voting places

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Information Technology - GIS and CADD Services branch, City Clerk's

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These are the voting places used for the City’s municipal election during Advance Voting and on Election Day.

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Prior to the 2014 municipal election, the city was divided into voting divisions and voters were required to vote at a designated voting place within their assigned voting division.

In 2014, voters can vote at any voting place within the City of Vancouver, eliminating the need for voting divisions.


  1. University Endowment Lands residents are not eligible to vote for Mayor, Councillors and Park Commissioners, but are eligible to vote for School Trustees at any Advance Voting place or at either of the two UEL/UBC voting places on Election Day.

The City operates an at-large voting system.

Data accuracy comments

Voting places change from election to election and are not directly comparable over time.


  • VD: Assigned value to identify voting division or voting location
  • FACILITY_NAME: Name of facility where the voting place is located
  • FACILITY_ADDRESS: Address of the facility where the voting place is located
  • LOCATION or ROOM: Location of voting place in the facility
  • LATITUDE: Measurement in degrees from the equator, with positive values going north and negative values going south
  • LONGITUDE: Measurement in degrees from the Zero Meridian, with positive values going east and negative values going west
  • ADVANCE_ONLY: Indication (Yes/No) if the voting place is designated for advanced voting only
  • LOCAL_AREA: In 1969, City Council approved twenty-two local areas as a basis for the organization of community services and city departments. In 1970, local areas were used for the establishment of local area planning programs. For more information, see the Local Area Boundary Data page.

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Some attribute names may change from election to election and are not directly comparable over time.