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3–1–1 Contact Centre metrics data

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Human Resources 3-1-1 Contact Centre

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Data extract on this website is updated monthly.

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Contact Centre Metrics refer to the number of calls presented, handled, and abandoned at the Centre, as well as the average speed of answer by Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), the combination of which service level percentages are derived.

Data accuracy comments

Contact Centre Metrics are generated from data in the phone system.


  • Date: Day of the year when calls were presented to 3-1-1-‘s call queue. This field is in month/day/year format.
  • Calls Offered: The number of calls that were presented to 3-1-1’s call queue
  • Calls Handled: The number of calls that were taken by CSRs
  • Calls Abandoned: The number of dropped calls or hang ups that occurred while a caller was waiting in the queue or during a call
  • Average Speed of Answer: The average number of seconds a caller waited in the call queue before a CSR was able to answer the call.
  • Service Level: Target percentage of times where calls were answered within specified time
      • Year 2015 to 2019: 70% calls answered within 60 seconds.
      • Each of years 2012 to 2014: 80% calls answered within 30 seconds, and 70% calls answered within 30 seconds for 2011

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The 3-1-1 program was officially launched on June 15, 2009.