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Legacy Open Data Catalogue

3–1–1 interaction volume data

Data custodian

Human Resources 3-1-1 Contact Centre

Data currency comments

The extract on this website is updated monthly.

Data set description

Interactions refer to the type and volume of inquiries and requests for service that come into the Contact Centre. (Note: Caller may have more than one inquiry during a call.)

Data accuracy comments

Data is electronically extracted from the 3-1-1 case management system.


  • Department: Name of an organization unit at the City of Vancouver
  • Division: The group within a department at the City of Vancouver responsible for the call
  • Call_Type: Specific type of interaction that relates to a division
  • Channel: Identifies how the inquiry or request came into 3-1-1

Note: Department, Division or Call Types beginning with ZZ – OLD refers to obsolete types used in the past. Generally, another call type within the same division, or another division within the same department replaced the obsolete type.

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Coordinate System


Data set details


The 3-1-1 case management system started collecting interaction data on February 16, 2009.