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Data currency comments

This dataset was created in 1999 and 2002 and reflects conditions in 1999 or 2002.  This data has not changed

Data set description

The 1 metre contours were generated from data acquired as part of the acquisition of orthophotos in 2002.  The 2 and 10 metre contours were interpolated from 1999 orthophotos. As such, they must be considered as approximate rather than exact.  They have not been updated since they were created and do not reflect changes that have occurred since they were created.

Data accuracy comments

These must be considered as approximate because they were digitized from orthophotos rather than being created using survey techniques.


Attributes include type of contour (1, 2, or 10 metre) and contour elevation

Coordinate system

DWG, SHP, TIF, Mr. SID, and ECW formatted data are projected in UTM Zone 10, NAD83 (CSRS). KML, CSV, and XLS formatted data are in latitude and longitude (WGS84). Not all CSV and XLS files have latitude and longitude

Data set details