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Cultural spaces

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Community Services - Cultural Services

Data currency comments

The extract on this website will be updated annually or as necessary.

Data set description

This data set provides locations and attributes of cultural spaces in the City of Vancouver, University Endowment Lands and Musqueam Community.

The majority of cultural spaces are privately-owned.

Office spaces are excluded for privacy reasons.

This data set is maintained manually.

Data accuracy comments

Data is drawn primarily from public sources such as websites and brochures. Data for City of Vancouver spaces was compiled from various departments.

City staff selected the attributes for Primary Use and Ownership for each space.

For Square Feet and Number of Seats, data reported may have been calculated differently prior to publication.

There is no known error but there may be some loss of quality from data entry errors.


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Coordinate system

WGS84. Latitude and longitude data provided by the BC Physical Address Geocoder.

Data set details


This dataset is published as part of the City of Vancouver Cultural Spaces Map Pilot Project. The data is verified and updated through a survey of stakeholders in the cultural community annually in June. In order for a space to be included, information associated with the space such as a website and contact information must be publically available.