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Legacy Open Data Catalogue

Employee remuneration and expenses (earning over $75,000/year)

Data set name

Employee remuneration and expenses (earning over $75,000/year)

Data custodian

Finance, Risk and Business Planning - Accounting Operations Department

Data currency comments

The data on this site is scheduled to be updated annually.

Data set description

This data set includes remuneration and expenses from employees earning over $75,000/year.

Data accuracy comments

Some expenses may not reconcile within the same reporting period.

The published Statement of financial information remains the authoritative source.

Based on information recorded in the source system as at December 31st for each reporting year and does not include changes during the year.


  • NAME: Name of employee listed by last name, followed by initials of first name and middle name (if applicable)
  • DEPARTMENT: Name of an organization unit at the City of Vancouver where specified Title belongs
  • TITLE: Name of position
  • REMUNERATION: Includes salary, overtime, gratuity and vacation payouts. Excludes severance payment.
  • EXPENSES: Includes charges such as training, tuition, conferences and travel and professional dues

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Amounts are in Canadian dollars.