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Data will be updated quarterly

Data set description

The data set is a list of projects that are part of the initiatives under the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan. There are 4 categories of projects, City projects, City Studio projects, Greenest City Fund projects and Private projects. All projects are also categorized by one of the ten Greenest City goals. For projects to be included they must be a substantial project located in Vancouver, initiated since the formation of the Greenest City Action Team (2010), and contributes to a Greenest City goal.

The dataset is maintained manually and data is provided by City departments and external agencies.

Data accuracy comments

Data quality issues may exist in any one of the sources or there may be some loss of quality from data entry errors.

Considerable effort has been made to ensure there are no known errors.


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Data set details


Dataset includes community gardens; however, not all community gardens are included. Only new gardens that are created since 2010 or existing gardens that have had new plot or tree planted since 2010 are included.

Dataset includes publicly accessible electric vehicle charging stations that are installed by the City and by private owners/businesses. City does not maintain privately installed charging stations and does not respond to issues regarding them. Some charging stations are funded by the City but categorized as private project when there is a private partnership.