Issued building permits attributes

  • Permit Number: Unique permit number generated at application date; there may be multiple permits for one project site
      • BU - Original Permit application was made in previous software
      • BP - Building Permit
      • DB - Combined Development & Building Permit
  • Issue Date: Date when the specified permit is issued. Data is in in YYYY-MM-DD format
  • Project Value: Estimated construction value at time of original permit issuance; base permit fees are calculated on this value. For commercial and mixed use projects with multiple buildings on one site, the project value may be entered only on the site permit (and not the permits for each individual building where a $0 value will be shown)
  • Type of Work: Categories Include: Addition / Alteration, Demolition / Deconstruction, New Buildings, Outdoor Uses (No Buildings Proposed), Salvage and Abatement, Temporary Buildings / Structures
  • Address: Specific Property Address
  • Project Description: Scope of work (note: data file prior to 2018 does not include this field)
  • Building Contractor: Contractor information, if known, at time of permit issuance
  • Building Contractor Address: Contractor information, as provided by applicant
  • Applicant: Applicant may be property owner or official agent for owner and is often the design professional or their firm
  • Applicant Address: Contact information as provided on Permit Application
  • Property Use: General use of property; where multiple uses apply, only the most relevant use is shown. Categories include: Agricultural Uses, Cultural and Recreational Uses, Dwelling Uses, Institutional Uses, Manufacturing Uses, Office Uses, Parking Uses, Retail Uses, Service Uses, Transportation and Storage Uses, Utility and Communication Uses, and Wholesale Uses.
  • Specific Use Category: Sub categories of property use(as defined in Schedule 2 of the Zoning and Development By-law)


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