1996 Municipal election results attributes

  • ADV: Advance voting location; locations where voters can cast their ballot on the designated days prior to General Voting Day.
  • Councillor: An elected official on a municipal council.
  • Election Summary: Total number of valid votes/ selections counted for the specified candidate or question.
  • Mail: Ballots received by mail from eligible voters (see s.72 of the Vancouver Charter; s.4.0 of the City of Vancouver Election By-Law No. 9070)
  • Mayor: the elected head of a city, town, or other municipality
  • Park Commissioner: An elected official on a Park Board.
  • School Trustee: An elected official on the Board of Education for a school district.
  • SPEC: Special Voting Opportunity; includes special voting opportunities for voters residing at eligible care home facilities and hospitals (see s.72 of the Vancouver Charter; s.3.4-3.8 of the City of Vancouver Election By-Law No. 9070).
  • Times Blank Voted: The number of times a voter did not make a selection for a particular race.
  • Times Counted: Number of times a vote was counted for the specified candidate or question. This includes Times Over Voted and Under Votes.
  • Times Over Voted: Number of times a ballot has more than the maximum number of selections allowed; over votes for a given race are not counted against that race’s results
  • UEL: University Endowment Lands (UEL) and University of British Columbia (UBC) campus residents are eligible to vote only for School Trustees at any Advance Voting Place or at either of the two UEL Voting Places on General Voting Day
  • Under Votes: Number of missing selections per race; the marked selections are counted in that race’s results.
  • Voting Division: Assigned value to identify a voting area.
      • Prior to the 2014 municipal election, the City was divided into Voting Divisions and voters were required to vote at a designated Voting Place within their assigned Voting Division.
      • Division boundaries change from election to election and are not directly comparable over time.
  • Write-In Votes: In some jurisdictions, voters can vote for candidate(s) for public office whose name does not appear on the ballot by writing their name in a specified space on the ballot. This was not an option for voters in the 1996 Vancouver Municipal Election.

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