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Parks data

Data custodian

Board of Parks and Recreation

Data currency comments

Data taken from Park Board site in July 2009. The data on this site is updated weekly.

Data set description

This data set provides information on the names and locations of City parks. The data may be displayed as point features (a single point representing the location of the park; this is unlikely to be the geometric centroid of the park) or polygon features (a polygon or area coloured green to show the extent of the park boundaries).

Data accuracy comments

This data is as accurate as the data on the Parks and Recreation site. Latitude and longitude are for a point in the park.


Name, address, latitude and longitude, and boundaries (boundaries are for polygon features only)

Coordinate system

DWG, SHP, TIF, Mr. SID, and ECW formatted data are projected in UTM Zone 10, NAD83 (CSRS). KML, CSV, and XLS formatted data are in latitude and longitude (WGS84). Not all CSV and XLS files have latitude and longitude

Data set details