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Property tax report data

Data custodian

BC Assessment, Revenue Services, Community Services

Data currency comments

This data in City systems is updated in the normal course of business, however priorities and resources determine how fast a change in reality is reflected in the database.

Note: Only property tax data for the current year is updated weekly. All other data sets contain static data

Data set description

This report contains information on properties from BC Assessment (BCA) and City sources.


  • This is a very large file in XLS or CSV format and as a result, there may be multiple tabs given the maximum number of rows Excel can accommodate.
  • Zoning data is not available in historical property tax data sets.

Data accuracy comments

Accuracy is dependent on the matching of records between multiple agencies including non-City sources.

Note:  Excel may not display content in CSV correctly.


Websites for further information

Coordinate system

UTM Zone 10

Data set details


  • Tax coordinates and particularly the legal description information should not be viewed as definitive or legal.
  • For zoning data information please consult the City's zoning pages above.