Open Data Catalogue

Schools data

Data custodian

BC Ministry of Education

Data currency comments

The source data is updated by the BC Ministry of Education on an ongoing basis as changes occur.  The school data available through the City’s site was extracted from the Ministry site in July, 2009.

Data set description

This data set includes the name, address, latitude and longitude and a variety of attributes for each included school.

Data accuracy comments

This data is maintained by the Ministry of Education; their site includes a form for submitting updates and corrections on information about the schools.


The data set contains information in several areas including contacts, enrolments, school type and more.

Coordinate system

DWG, SHP, TIF, Mr. SID, and ECW formatted data are projected in UTM Zone 10, NAD83 (CSRS). KML, CSV, and XLS formatted data are in latitude and longitude (WGS84). Not all CSV and XLS files have latitude and longitude.

Data set details