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Traffic counts data package

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Data currency comments

This data in City systems is updated in the normal course of business, however priorities and resources determine how fast a change in reality is reflected in the database. The extract on this web site is updated weekly.

Data set description

This package contains information on traffic counts as collected by staff at intersections and by automated counters at mid-block locations.  The former includes detailed information by lane and direction, whereas the latter focuses on direction specifically.  As such, there are two layers contained in this package:

  • Traffic counts—intersection movements
  • Traffic counts--directional

NOTE: At this point in time, the Directional Traffic Counts dataset only shows the locations of where directional counts have been taken. The counts themselves are forthcoming but are not available at this time. Those counts are available for viewing in VanMap. The Intersection Traffic Counts show both the locations and the actual counts.

Data accuracy comments

The locations are approximate, either in the intersection of two or more streets or along a block between intersections.



Coordinate system

DWG, SHP, TIF, Mr. SID, and ECW formatted data are projected in UTM Zone 10, NAD83 (CSRS). KML, CSV, and XLS formatted data are in latitude and longitude (WGS84). Not all CSV and XLS files have latitude and longitude.

Data set details