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Data currency comments

The data for web cam locations is updated from time to time in the normal course of business, however priorities and resources determine how fast a change in reality is reflected in the database.

The web cam images themselves are updated approximately every 5 minutes.

Data set description

The data set includes only official publicly-available web cams focusing mostly on traffic cameras. The data sets contain links to these cameras and we do not control what is displayed by the cameras.

Data accuracy comments

The data set reflects the approximate locations of web cams. As the camera may be at different places in different intersections, the locations should not be regarded as exact. The images show what the camera sees.



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Coordinate System

DWG, SHP, TIF, Mr. SID, and ECW formatted data are projected in UTM Zone 10, NAD83 (CSRS). KML, CSV, and XLS formatted data are projected in latitude and longitude (WGS84).

Data set details

  1. Data set details for Web Cam Locations

    Webcams (KML) kml file

    Webcams (SHP) Shape file (SHP)